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703-430-4440 is a contact number on a Cell Number. This tool is registered in Alexandria, Virginia, VA.

Telephone number formats: 430-4440 (Local dialling)   (703) 430-4440 (Domestic dialling)   +1-703-430-4440 (International dialling) 

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Report by Wrongo Long ago Unknown
Thank you for the number to call to respond to these very annoying and bothersome phone calls. I was receiving them at least 2x a day for a week. The other night I received a call at 12:35am. I'd had it and decided to look it up. I found the response directing the name and number; as written, the receptionist was very nice, apologetic and took my number to put on their do not call list. Let's hope it works.
Report by Fed Up Long ago Unknown
Call from 703-430-4440 received at 4:26 p.m. on October 31.  It was a political robocall asking me to vote next Tuesday for Bill Brady -- the Republican candidate who is hoping to be the next Governor of Illinois.  It was "paid for by Citizens for Bill Brady, Inc." No matter which party initiates them -- I HATE ROBOCALLS!
Report by Irritated Voter Long ago Unknown
My recent call from this number was a recording from a well known local "Special Interest Group," in favor of their choice for Minnesota's next Governor.The caller ID read "XPEDITE SYS INC."The recorded message they left on my answering machine indicated that they were MCCL (or "Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life)." This "single issue" special interest group has, for decades, helped to destroy Minnesota's once fine quality of life, by repeatedly appealing to "single issue" voters to vote for the candidates who support their narrow "cause" as opposed to those committed to finding real solutions for issues facing Minnesota.I do not vote based on single issue politics (even if it's my Church encouraging me to do so). I also tend to avoid charities and political parties and candidates who ignore the Federal "Do Not Call" list, even though exemptions were given to them when the list was established. Even when I like a cause or candidate, I never - EVER - vote based on a "special interest." Our country deserves better.
Report by 2fedup Long ago Unknown
xpedite services. 1-703-430-4440 no answer.  thanx for above info.  Tired of political calls. Are they just stupid thinking a phone call will change anything?  It makes me want to vote them out.
Report by Not liking the calls either ... Long ago Unknown
... and BOTH parties use these services.  I really hate election time because not only do I get the lies from both sides of the aisle but I get these annoying calls that eat up my cell minutes from literally across the country.  GRRRRRRRRR  If they are in office - on Tuesday vote them out.  It's time to HOPE again with a new look to accomplish CHANGE.  Until we get the garbage heap (Democrats control both houses) out of office, we can only expect more of the same - Higher taxes and fewer and fewer left employed to support the higher taxes that "programs" are supporting.
Report by the truth Long ago Unknown
Next time, before you go saying it's conservative... you might want to remember it's the liberals and moderates that run congress AND the supreme court.  You can thank them for this!  However it would also be fair to say both are using it, regardless of who made it possible.
Report by Silentsabre Long ago Unknown
I've been harassed by this number many times. It is a message from David Vitter paid for by the Louisiana GOP. I don't appreciate paying to hear David "Hooker" Vitter's lies with my cell  phone minutes. I'm not sure what the above delusional irrational people are talking about and how they reason that Barack Obama and the democrats are responsible for these robocalls. The reason you people are being spammed with these calls is b/c the Supreme court opened the floodgates of unlimited corporate financing of our political system. So you can thank you're "conservative" friends for that when you're interests are no longer being represented in this country.
Report by Rick L Long ago Unknown
Received a call today. I was on the other line and did not answer it. The caller ID showed "Private Caller". Thanx for the info and remenber to vote the Demoncrats out in November.
Report by You're Stupid Long ago Unknown
Yeah, you're right..the "dumb a***s" who elected him are to blame.  We were SO much better off going to war under the blatant premise/falsehood that WMD were present with a president with a C average and the vocabulary of a 4 year old.  He does know how to spell NEPOTISM though.  You're dumb.  That is all.
Report by Help Us! Long ago Unknown
You can thank Barack Obama (and the dumb a***s for electing him) for that.  Remember that November 2nd!
Report by Troy Long ago Unknown
Here it is day 2 of the continuous calls. They originate from these two numbers 703-430-4440 or 732-542-3427 but usually its 703-430-4440. Yesterday I had 25 calls from these numbers combined. When I answer nothing but fax machine tones.
Report by Troy Long ago Unknown
I am having the same problem, it just started today so far I have received 16 calls from this number today and it only 2:45 pm. Nothing but fax machine tones. Here I am unemployed and broke with numerous bill collectors calling and now this is happening. Why can't someone call with a job instead?
Report by shelly Long ago Unknown
They've been callin me for 4 days in as row nonestop 24/7....................its either 703)430-4440 or732)542-3427 all fax machines and when i call back there's an automated system telling me to add my number to the so called Do Not Call List, so I did (many times) and they're still callin me 10min later................Help I don't know what to do!!!!
Report by P.O.'d Long ago Unknown
Very persistent calls to a cell phone from a fax. I called the number above and dialed ext. 1234 to get around their auto answerer. Nice person finally answered and was sympathetic about the nuisance calls. She took my number to enter a block in the system. Sure hope it works out. Thanks Ring-A-Ding for the number.
Report by Anonymous Long ago Unknown
8 calls in the last 3 days.  Called the number from the April 29th post.Hit 0 for receptionist, she said she would remove number from call list.Will see what happens.
Report by kennedy Long ago Unknown
Thank you so very much for this information.  I am at home, in bed, recovering from knee surgery, which is VERY PAINFUL.  This number has called me repeatedly and I can't get any rest.  NOW, since I can't rest, I am going to make it my mission to contact the pres. and ceo of this company and aggrevate the crap out him!  Some of his own medicine shouls do him good!!!!!!!!!!
Report by Ring-A-Ding Long ago Unknown
Xpedite Systems, Inc. provides fax communications services. It offers a fax broadcast service that enables users to broadcast communications to various fax locations by sending a transmission to the company's operations center; and a gateway messaging service, which allow users to send documents from a computer through the company's operations center to a recipient's fax or telex machine via Internet or other electronic media. The company also provides smsREACH, a broadcast service that enables users to send personalized text messages to targeted audience; VoiceREACH, a broadcast service that enables users to send voice messages to targeted audience through telephones, mobile phones, voicemail, or answer machines; and store and forward fax, and telex and electronic mail services through a network of computer nodes connected by telecommunications lines. Xpedite offers its services to manage critical information distribution for transaction-based services, such as bank statements, subscription renewals, promotional offers, purchase orders, newsletters, research reports, rate sheets, and pricing/product announcements. The company was incorporated in 1988 and is based in Eatontown, New Jersey. Xpedite Systems, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Premiere Global Services, Inc.One Industrial Way WestEatontown, NJ 07724United StatesFounded in 1988Phone: 732-389-3900Fax: 732-389-0782Key ExecutivesMr. R. B. Andersen Chief Executive Officer and President Age: 59 Mr. Robert S. Vaters Chief Financial Officer Age: 48
Report by Zeek Long ago Unknown
WednesdayApril 22, 2009ID Caller: XPEDITE SYS INC*Tel: (703)-430-4440Day: 4/22Time: 10:47 AMNo Phone Messaqe!
Report by john doe Long ago Unknown
same experience with this number in 907 area code
Report by Anonymous Long ago Unknown
Call is received, no one on other end, single beeps are heard at regular intervals.  After a few beeps the call is released on the other end.

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4 Report Long ago Unknown
Called again, twice in a row. Don't know what they want. Ready to block them.


4 Report Long ago Unknown
Same here, went to VM, didnt leave msg. Feb 7 2013.


4 Report Long ago Unknown
Same here..  2 calls.. within 1 minute of each other... no messages left


4 Report Long ago Unknown
They called twice, did not leave a message...


1 Report Long ago Unknown
We received a call yesterday.


2 Report Long ago Unknown
I got this fake text message about a chance to win a new iPhone. Immediately after applying, I started getting a bunch of spam emails that I report, but can't stop them. Somebody plug the plug on these cretins!


2 Report Long ago Unknown
text was: Apple is looking for people to test and keep the new iPhone5! But only the first 1000 users that go to http://iphone5.co and enter BETA will receive it


1 Report Long ago Unknown
i am getting unknown messages


1 Report Long ago Unknown
Got a call from this number. They did not leave a message.


2 Report Long ago Unknown
Korean I think saying Atoorazo?!,..... Atoorazo?!............ Atoorazo?!I don't exactly what he is saying but he calls over and over and leaves these stupid messages at 4 in morning. I can't call him back, when I do I get a message that says the line is busy, no matter when I call.


2 Report Long ago Unknown
blank calls

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