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20 Aug 2018
Spam. Don't waste your time.


19 Aug 2018
they just called me


17 Aug 2018
This is a company trying to collect on ancient debts that have for the most part been written off and are way past the limitation for anyone in Canada or the US to collect legally. They could be breaking the law to try and collect on debts that have been written off. They are parasites, The rule of thumb: DON'T TALK TO THEM ABOUT ANYTHING AND NEVER RETURN THEIR CALLS. Better still enter their number(s) in "Calls Blacklist" or "Mr Number" ,These are apps you can download to block certain numbers or people from calling you on your phone. They work great. They cannot place these debts in any credit reporting agency and if they try do so you can sue them. Don't worry about them, they will eventually go away and try to find some other sucker to believe their lies and B.S. There are Statutes of Limitation in Canada and the US where the creditor is allowed to collect on bad debts. Beyond that there is nothing they can do. The Statute of Limitations basically allows the debtor to get a fresh start without having to go bankrupt. By the way, there have been many debt collection agencies that have gone bankrupt and stuck others with their bills.


15 Aug 2018
Don't recognize #


14 Aug 2018
The robot says it is Verizon and asks for confirmation by pressing one for my name, and Confirmation by pressing two if it is not my name. Verizon knows my information so this seems suspicious.


14 Aug 2018
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27 Jul 2018
keep calling then hangs up???


26 Jul 2018
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25 Jul 2018


24 Jul 2018
ID From: Dublin, OH Type: Robocall Message: They are the IRS and threatens arrest if you do not call them back immediately.

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