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22 Jan 2018
This is a scam! They are pretending to be Advance America. They got me once with a South Carolina number.


21 Jan 2018
Texted by this number


19 Jan 2018
Scam!!! Jamaica.. big money bs!!! Blocked the call


18 Jan 2018
I laughed at this guy so funny saying I could make money in bitcoin if I invest in his account . It was funny because I am a bitcoin investor have a certified account with major exchanges and even mine it myself. The way he was trying to sell it you would make nothing in bitcoin.


18 Jan 2018
He said I can make money! F. off.


16 Jan 2018
This is Le Ministère de Education du Quebec. You can tell them politely that you'll hang up and then call yourself to the official customer service number. You'll see that is the same people.


16 Jan 2018
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16 Jan 2018
They called and said felony charges were filed by Direct lending. Threatening to pick me up had my social. They hung up and I called back they did not answer.


14 Jan 2018
No message 819 is from other province


14 Jan 2018
Not worth the $. Specially when they leave with it and live you stranded.

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